Szkoła z bogatą historią i tradycjami
Wpisany przez Lluis Portelés   
środa, 30 października 2019 10:25

Language picnic - Piknik językowy

On Wednesday, 23rd October, linguistic classes (2f, 3f) organised an English-Spanish language picnic at the school playground. Ten groups of students prepared a presentation about culture, traditions and interesting facts connected with various countries, such as Japan, Spain, Ethiopia, Egypt, Italy, England, Mexico, Holland, Ukraine and Turkey. We could also try some traditional dishes which students cooked themselves. And they did it very well!
We called the event “Feria de Abril” because it looked like a Spanish festival where people visit casestas (special tents or stalls) to celebrate the festival.
I think all participants enjoyed this activity and they have learnt a lot of new things about different countries and their culture.